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What is a Madeira Photo Session?

A Madeira photo session is the ideal occasion to capture your connection in this exotic Island. In the same time is an opportunity to create story telling images featuring you in this super attractive tropical island backdrop.

What kind of Madeira Photo Session do you cover?

Madeira photography sessions depend on the type of your celebration. We cover Madeira engagements, anniversaries, portraits, Exploring the Island Portraits and just for fun photo sessions.

How to know you are the real deal?

We are passionate about everything we do and we poor our heart into the experience of taking your photos in Madeira. We understand that you are coming from abroad and perhaps it is even your first time in Madeira. Having a photo session with someone you don't know can raise some doubts. This is why we are here for you, during every step of the process. From the first contact, through the preparation, until the day of the session and after, until the final delivery of your Madeira pictures. Oh, and we like to have fun !

We spend so much time communicating, that there is no wonder we end up becaming friends with every person we photograph. You always have a person to rely on, to answer your questions and give your suggestions to perfectly prepare your Madera Adventure. We are available by E-mail, Whatsapp and Skype


Tel & Whatsapp: +351 912 094 221

What packages do you offer for photo shoots in Madeira?

We designed this Packages to fulfil perfectly your requests.

Main Package

. 2 hour of photo shoot

. Your favourite selection of 20 beautiful images

. Photos are fully edited and print-ready

. 1 of your favourite location in Madeira 

Premium Package

. As many hours as you wish

. Your selection of 20 beautiful images per hour

. Photos are fully edited and print-ready

. As many of your favourite locations in Madeira as added hours

For example, if you wish to book a 3 hours photo session, we will be taking photos in 3 different locations and you will receive 60 edited pictures.

Small Package

. 1 hour of photo shoot

. Your favourite selection of 10 beautiful images

. Photos are fully edited and print-ready

. Location: Funchal

. Starting time: 'Late Morning' or 'Sunset'

How do I receive the edited pictures?

All the edited pictures from your Madeira Photo Session will be delivered though a password protected and elegant online gallery that you can share with your friends and family. If you wish to print the photos, you can download them in high resolution and print them at a printer of your choice. Even better, you can order prints, canvases and other keepsakes directly from the online gallery and have them delivered to your door. 

Thats is awesome, I want to book you !

If you are ready to find out more about our availability and our prices, please send us a email or call us with your request and we will answer you as quickly as possible.


Tel: +351 912 094 221

*Tips and Information to prepare your Madeira Photo Shoot

Whats the best time to take photos?

The most flattering light is early in the morning and late in the afternoon. This is the reason why we privilege multi-hour bookings for the sunrise and sunset. In the middle of the day the sun is normally to harsh and strong but its still possible to have some great results in shadow locations or if its a cloudy day.

A great resource to check the sunrise and sunset times for your travel dates is TimeAndDate.

What locations are the best for a Madeira Photo Shoot?

Madeira is a Island where you'll find yourself immersed by the diversity of locations and amazing places to explore and enjoy. The Island is rich in big mountains, insanely beautiful beaches and misty forests, and you should choose the place the feel right for you. Below, you will find our most popular choices and very soon I'll be adding a page dedicated for the locations available in Madeira Island.

Ribeira da Janela

Porto Moniz

Fanal Forest

Ponta de São Lourenço

Porto da Cruz


*More locations to come...

What do you recommend to wear during the photo shoot?

We want you to bring your personal style and to dress to impress. However  if you in doubt, simple black and white clothes always work nicely.

Also depending on the location you choose we will help and advice best color to match and create a good contrast with the desired location.

How many times can we change outfits and where can we change?

If you like to add diversity to your photos, then we recommend one outfit per location, but you can bring 1 outfit per hour of shooting for sake of time. Usually we can find strategic places to change or we have the car for this matter as well.

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